Journal of Mathematical Problems, Equations and Statistics
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P-ISSN: 2709-9393, E-ISSN: 2709-9407

Mathematical Journal | Journal of Mathematical Problems, Equations and Statistics

Journal of Mathematical Problems, Equations and Statistics
Editor-In-Chief: Dr. Pradeep J Jha
Editorial Board
P-ISSN: 2709-9393
E-ISSN: 2709-9407
Abbreviated Title: J. Math. Prob. Equations Stat.
Publisher: AkiNik Publications

Journal of Mathematical Problems, Equations and Statistics is a Peer Reviewed International Open Access Journal which will be abstracted in various reputed databases. The Journal provides the platform with the aim of motivating the students and personnel.

The journal publishes articles in all fields which includes: Vedic Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory, Real functions, Measure and integration, Functions of a complex variable, Several complex variables and analytic spaces, Ordinary differential equations, Partial differential equations, Dynamical systems and ergodic theory, Difference and functional equations, Fourier analysis, Integral equations, Functional analysis, Operator theory, Calculus of variations and optimal, control; optimization, Operations research, mathematical programming, Differential geometry, General topology, Manifolds and cell complexes, Global analysis, analysis on manifolds, Probability theory and stochastic processes, Statistics, Numerical analysis, Computer science, Mechanics of particles and systems, Mechanics of deformable solids, Fluid mechanics, Optics, electromagnetic theory, Quantum theory and Statistical mechanics etc.

This Journal is an ideal platform for anyone working in mathematical journal. Publications are welcome from students and professionals alike and will solely be judged on their content and scientific merit.

Online submission of the manuscript is strongly recommended. A manuscript number will be mailed to the corresponding author within one week or earlier. Prospective authors can submit their manuscripts at All manuscripts are subjected to peer review process (which are not previously published and are not under consideration for publication by another journal) would be published without any delay in a subsequent issue after acceptance. Read Instructions to Author for more details.

Journal of Mathematical Problems, Equations and Statistics
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